Gearhart Business Seminar

The scenic beach town of Gearhart, OR holds a lifetime of memories created by the pioneers and modern leaders of Oregon’s automotive industry. Since 1925, our members have ventured from across the State of Oregon to unite for an event that transcends business titles and competition, and focuses on brotherhood and relationships.

We hope all our members join us September 7-9, 2016 for the 2016 Gearhart Business Seminar to add another year of memories to the already rich and respected tradition in Oregon’s automotive industry.

For questions regarding the event please contact Kylee Gazzigli at 503.233.5044 or




The annual golf tournament is held at the historic Gearhart Golf Links on the North Oregon Coast. Gearhart Golf Links, established in 1888, is the oldest course in the Northwest and arguably the oldest course in the Western United States. This classic links-style 18-hole course plays 6,429 yards from “The Stones” and 5,157 yards from the forward tees.

Thursday Golf Format (Shotgun Start)


  • Four-man team scramble
  • The team net score will be carried over individually into Friday's play
    • Four of the holes Thursday will include a second pin with a red flag. Your team can opt to putt for either flag. All strokes count and play continues from where it lies regardless of what hole you attempt. Should a team sink a ball in the red flag hole they may DEDUCT 1 stroke from their final score.


Friday Format (Shotgun Start)

  • Four-man team, net best ball
  • Record each player’s gross score on score card. Committee will subtract handicap
  • Each hole must be completed or a maximum 3 over par




Not much of a golfer? Join us Thursday and Friday for a fishing excursion, sure to excite no matter your skill level of salt water angling. The early bird gets the worm and that’s when fish are biting…EARLY! Make sure if you aren’t golfing this year, you have a fishing tale to leave with and the potential to win prizes for largest fish, smallest fish and most fish.

Fishing license with salmon tag required.


Cornhole, also known as tailgate toss, bean bag toss, corn toss or bags is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn (or sand/beans) at a raised platform with a hole at the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team of two players reaches a score of 21. Format is single match elimination NCAA bracket style with cash prizes going to 1st, 2nd, and quarter finalists. Event is played Thursday September 8th, after dinner, with finals on September 9th.

Honey Pot

Now you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is a honey pot and how does it relate to golf?” Luckily, this activity doesn’t involve bees but it can get pretty sweet for three pairs of golfers. A “Honey Pot” is a name for a golf tournament’s bonus pool or prize fund.

  • Let’s say you are playing in the golf tournament and you see there is a $100.00 honey pot. This means if you pay $100.00, your money is added to the pool of money other golfers have paid into, and the total dollar amount is what makes up the prize fund or bonus pool.
  • The honey pot is optional and only those golfers who pay into the honey pot are eligible to win the money.
  • The event is played prior to registration on Wednesday, September 7th and is limited to the first 36 golfers with USGA handicaps that sign up.
  • $100.00 Entry Fee (per person)
  • Teams of 2 (you may pick your partner or we will assign one)
  • The honey pot will pay out:
    • 50% to the 1st place pair
    • 30% to the 2nd place pair
    • 20% to the 3rd place pair
  • ​***NEW THIS YEAR*** The Honey Pot will have an 11 o'clock am shotgun start, rather than a rolling start as in previous years.

Horse Race

A horse race might seem out of place on the golf course, but this form of competition, also known as a shootout, is played at country clubs nationwide. In the golf horse race, one player is eliminated per hole until only one player is left at the end of 18 holes. Think of it as match play in the extreme.

  • Twenty two-man teams consisting of a high and low handicap dealer/vendor combo (Previous years champions will get automatic entry)
  • All other playing positions will be draw
  • Participants will pay $200.00 per person entry fee. You may refuse to play.
  • Thursday, September 8th
    • 4 teams eliminated on each of the first two holes
    • 3 teams eliminated on the third hole
    • 3 teams eliminated on the fourth hole
    • 1 team eliminated on each of the last two holes
  • Friday, September 9th
    • Remaining 4 teams transfer to Friday’s play; four-hole medal play.
  • Break any ties for high score with a designated skills challenge, such as a closest-to-the-hole chipping or putting contest.
  • Horse Race entry fees will be split among top three teams after Friday’s play:
    • Split 40-30-20-10
      • First $3,200
      • Second $2,400
      • Third $1,600
      • Fourth $800


Broth-er-hood (n): Those engaged in a particular trade or profession or sharing a common interest or quality. The belief that all people should act with warmth and equality toward one another, regardless of difference in race, creed, nationality, etc.

Our goal is to unite in a common space where we may rise above our differences and focus on the commonalities that have brought us together each year since 1925. Gearhart’s Annual Business Seminar & Golf Tournament reminds us how our forefathers, together, created Oregon’s auto industry and how, together, we will continue to grow the very industry they began.