We have put together some tools and answers to the questions you most likely have regarding the Corporate Activity Tax that goes into effect for the calendar year 2020. While there are some absolutes written into the Statute, there remain substantial aspects that are still being “interpreted” by CPAs and attorneys, especially as it relates to a process to pass these charges on to our customers. 

Considering every dealer may have different financial structures, along with the uncharted waters of this new tax, OADA is not able to provide specific accounting, tax, or legal advice on this matter.  Please use these resources to address your questions and give us a call if you need more assistance.

2020 Commercial Activities Tax
Oregon’s Commercial Activity Tax will impact over 40,000 businesses in Oregon and we’re here to help you understand if you’ll be one of the businesses impacted.
The Commercial Activities Tax will become effective as of the 2020 tax year and OADA is working with accounting firms and tax attorneys to inform dealerships how to accurately add the cost of this new tax as a pass through to customers starting in January of 2020.
The final rules from the Oregon Department of Revenue will not be completed until midway through the year so we have put together a worksheet to get you started. As the rules are promulgated, we will continue to keep you informed of any changes that would impact these numbers. I have also included some frequently asked questions that are specific to dealership activities.